Victoria County Demographics

The Port of Victoria is located 35 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico in Victoria County and its population is approaching 100,000 residents. Victoria County is part of a regional seven-county area known as the Golden Crescent with a population of approximately 200,000. Situated within a two-hour drive of the major urban centers of Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston and San Antonio, the Port can draw on a retail trade area and labor force resource of over 5 million people.

This area offers a skilled and available workforce, possessing a strong work ethic based on historical industrial experience. Texas is a state that understands the importance of workforce training, investing millions of dollars each year in training and skills development for all persons. Business costs remain low and Texas is a pro-business state with a low union profile in the manufacturing sector, being a Right-to-Work state. Finally, the Port of Victoria is located in an area with beneficial weather attributes and a favorable cost of living, that together offers businesses, employees and families excellent opportunities for success.