Advantages to Locating in The Port of Victoria!

30 Aug 2021


Texas’ Port of Victoria has over 2,000 acres of land available for long-term, affordable lease or sale. This makes it easy for any business to pick a prime location in Texas without risking the impact of extreme weather typically found at coastal ports. As a premier inland port, the Port of Victoria is close to several major highways and leads into the Gulf of Mexico. This makes shipping, receiving, and transportation of goods easy for every business!

The Port of Victoria’s available sites all have access to water, rail, and four-lane highway systems. The Port’s available sites range from 10 to 2,00 acres. The Port of Victoria is also located in a Texas Enterprise Zone and a Free Trade Zone. Through Department of Homeland Security funding the Port has completely enclosed the Turning Basin and other shoreline facilities. Click here to learn more about the location advantages of locating in the Port of Victoria today!

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