Location Advantages

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Over 2,000 acres of land is available for long-term, affordable lease rates with the Victoria Navigation District willing to build-to-suit for new development in the Port of Victoria. Located 35 miles from the Gulf Coast, the Port is a harbor of refuge.

The Port’s North Industrial Park features canal sites available for development ranging in size from 10 to 2,000 acres. All sites have access to water, rail and four-lane divided highways. They are located in a Texas Enterprise Zone and a Free Trade Zone.

The Port’s South Industrial Park houses the Texas Logistic Center with “build-to-suit” options for businesses looking for the space and transportation options only the Port of Victoria can supply. Infrastructure and transportation access can be tailored to specific facility and transportation needs. 

The Victoria County Navigation District understands that security is critical to every business’ interests. Through a Department of Homeland Security grant, the Port has been able to completely enclose the Turning Basin area and other shoreside facilities within a 10-foot industrial type perimeter fence. All entry to the Port's Liquid Docks is by controlled access. Additional lighting and surveillance equipment have been added to assist in securing cargo and the Port.

The Port of Victoria is seeking to partner with businesses that want a secure and strategic place to grow. We can offer financing, engineering and consulting services that put our partners in a position to achieve their goals and to be successful. Reach out to discuss your project with us.

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