Available Properties

areaial outline of business park

The Texas Logistics Center at the Port of Victoria offers a wide range of businesses outstanding transportation options, including barge, truck, rail and air access, in one perfect location. Strategically located within a two-hour drive from Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, the ready-for-development site offers a total of 2,000 acres for a single business to expand its activities. The conceptual layout indicates spaces of 160, 330, and 380 acres that could supplement any storage yards, storage tanks and yard and rail-served buildings required. In addition to currently existing docks, roadway and a heavy haul road and pipeline corridor for dock access, the Port of Victoria will work with interested parties to expand dock and fleet space, as well as other infrastructure needs.

  • Conceptual layout to incorporate sites from 10 to 2,000 acres.
  • Shallow-water port is also a Harbor of Refuge located 35 miles from the Gulf Coast
  • Quick, convenient access to the deep-water port at Port Lavaca
  • Dual-rail service from BNSF and Union Pacific
  • Highway access to major Texas metropolitan areas and all points between Canada and Mexico via US I-59 (future NAFTA I-69), US I-77 and US I-87

Master Plan