Feedstocks: Learn More About Chemicals Produced in the Port of Victoria Area

15 Dec 2022


There are varied and ample chemicals produced near the Port of Victoria. In Victoria, just one-half a mile away, some of the chemicals produced include Low Density Polyethylene Adipic Acid (Primary Product), Adiponitrile (Primary Product) Dichlorobutene, Dicyanobutene Dodecacanedoic Acid (C-12) (Primary Product), Hexamethylenediamine (Primary Product), High Density Polyethylene, Nitrogen, and Oxygen.

Chemicals Produced in Calhoun County, Texas

Twenty miles from Port of Victoria, in Calhoun County, Texas, is more chemical production, with 22 chemicals available. Some of the chemicals available include Ethylene Glycol, Ethylene Oxide, High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, polypropylene, Oxide derivativesm Polyvinyl Chloride (resin), Ethylene (gas), Acrylonitrile, Acetone Cyanohydrin, Acetronitrile, and Naphtha.

Find out more about feedstocks in the Port of Victoria area. Contact us today to learn more about chemical production, and how it can benefit your company.

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