Port of Victoria welcomes Potential Partnership with Green Technology Company First Ammonia

16 Dec 2022


The Victoria County Navigation District is in discussions with First Ammonia for a potential green technology project at the Port. First Ammonia is considering a lease with a 50-year option on 115 acres at the Port's newly founded Texas Logistics Center. They would be the center's first customer to capitalize on the Port's recent infrastructure investments. If the contract comes to fruition, First Ammonia would be investing an initial 275 million dollars in infrastructure, with the possibility of a complete buildout totaling one billion dollars.

First Ammonia seeks to develop one of the world's first commercial-scale green ammonia production facilities at the Port. The plant would use renewable solar and wind power to fuel energy-efficient solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOEC) that produce ammonia from water and air. The plant is expected to be fully operational in late 2025 and would create approximately 50 locally sourced jobs.

First Ammonia will conduct due diligence and site design over the next year before making a final decision. Excited about the possibility this partnership offers, CEO Joel Moser said, "First Ammonia is committed to green energy production, and the Port's water access and central location between Houston and Corpus Christi provide an economical way to ship our green ammonia. This, combined with Victoria's business-friendly mindset and community commitment, make for a mutually beneficial partnership to bring both green jobs and green energy to the region."

While traditionally, one thinks of ammonia use in fertilizers and cleaning solutions, the ability of this technology to produce green ammonia with zero emissions and a low carbon footprint can help lead the way in the green energy transition. For example, green ammonia could be used as a marine fuel, a power generation and storage source, and one day even cars that emit only steam and nitrogen when the ammonia is consumed.

The Victoria County Navigation District is excited to see how its investment and improvement projects are helping to attract new business to the region. It is also thankful for the collaboration from local leadership, especially the Victoria Economic Development Corporation, for its proactive approach to marketing the Port and seeking strategic business partnerships for our region. Sean Stibich, executive director at the Port, stated, "This could be the beginning of a very promising partnership for the Port, and we look forward to working closely with First Ammonia to hopefully see the development of this site and the jobs it will bring to our area. First Ammonia's interest in the Port is a prime example of how having a community commitment to growth from our local leaders continues to attract new jobs and industries, as well as emerging technology to our region."

For more information about the Port's Texas Logistics Center that attracted First Ammonia, please contact the Port today or visit www.texaslogisticscenter.com, www.tx-lc.com, or www.PortofVictoria.com.