Port of Victoria seeks to expand Green Energy in the Crossroads with Portside Energy Center

27 Feb 2023


The Victoria County Navigation District continues to spur on green energy growth in Victoria County by pursuing a lease agreement with Vitis Energy at the Port’s new Texas Logistic Center (TXLC). Vitis Energy, which develops energy solutions that reduce costs, improve power reliability, and enhance sustainability, is entering into their second year of a three-year option period to lease 150 acres at the Port. They are seeking to develop the Portside Energy Center which would produce and store solar power utilizing state-of-the-art energy management software to oversee demand and maximize savings. If the project comes to fruition the lease will be for 30 years, and the site would be operational in 2025.

The Portside Energy Center would have 40 megawatts of clean energy generation and 80 megawatt-hours of storage capacity through onsite solar panels and batteries. The total buildout of this project is expected to be 90 million dollars and would bring 150-200 temporary construction jobs to the region. Vitis Energy is excited for the potential of this project with Director of Development and Coastal Bend native William Conoly, stating, “We’ve been wanting to expand our green energy operations into South Texas, and the leadership at the Port of Victoria has been excellent at working with us to develop a site tailored to our needs. We look forward to partnering with the Port to bring clean energy to Victoria.”

The Portside Energy Center, has the capability to benefit another renewable energy company underway at the Port, First Ammonia, which may be able to use the locally sourced solar power to manufacture zero-emission green ammonia. These projects have the possibility of powering homes and businesses in the community with clean, reliable energy. They may also lay the groundwork for more green energy infrastructure in the region that could bring electric vehicle charging stations, lighting systems, and more. Additionally, these projects have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality, while increasing our energy independence and resilience.

Sean Stibich, executive director for the Port, is pleased with the direction the Port is heading stating, “We’ve invested heavily in our infrastructure over the past few years, and it is promising to see the infrastructure attracting companies at the leading edge of renewable energy innovation. By embracing these emerging markets, we are keeping our Port and region competitive and open to new jobs, new businesses, and new energy sources. All of which will strengthen and enhance our community, and we are eager to see Vitis Energy be a part of it.”

For more information about the Port's Texas Logistics Center that attracted Vitis Energy and First Ammonia, please contact the Port today or visit, www.tx-lc.com, www.texaslogisticscenter.com, or www.PortofVictoria.com.

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