Green Energy Revolution is Underway at the Port with Prospective E-Methanol Plant from European Energy's Project Nightshade, LLC

24 Jan 2024


The Victoria County Navigation District is in discussions with EE North America, the North American arm of European Energy, to bring an e-methanol project to the Port. Project Nightshade, LLC, a subsidiary of European Energy, is entering into a 2-year lease option to conduct site evaluations on a premium 30.8-acre site at the Port’s North Industrial Park, which sits inside the newly constructed Rail Loop Project. If the partnership comes to fruition, Project Nightshade, LLC will enter into a 48-year lease and invest hundreds of millions in infrastructure at the Port. The plant would be fully operational within 18-24 months of breaking ground, creating 200 construction jobs initially and an additional 60 ongoing local jobs.

European Energy is currently completing construction of their Kassø Plant in Denmark, which is expected to become the world's largest e-methanol plant. Project Nightshade, LLC would employ the same innovative synthesis technology at the Port by using renewable solar and wind energy to split water (H2O) into green hydrogen and oxygen. Then, green hydrogen, produced on site, and biogenic carbon dioxide (CO2), are synthesized to produce e-methanol, which has many applications, including use as fuel in the shipping industry, or as a raw material in green sustainable plastic products. 

Lorena Ciciriello, CEO of EE North America, expresses optimism about the potential venture, sharing, "At EE North America, we're not just navigating the green energy transition; we're steering it. The Port of Victoria's vast international waterways, cutting-edge rail infrastructure, and its pivotal central location align seamlessly with our commitment to lead in the global green energy transition. It's not just a location; it's a dynamic space where our project can truly catalyze a significant impact on the world's green energy landscape. This agreement not only marks a milestone for us but helps validate that we're not just bringing tomorrow's energy; we're bringing it today. We're eager for more discussions with the Port of Victoria, fueled by the prospect of not just creating jobs but cultivating a cleaner, brighter energy future for the region.”

Sean Stibich, executive director at the Port, who has recently spearheaded several major infrastructure enhancements, is happy to see the hard work paying off, stating “The green energy revolution is underway at the Port, and thanks to the dedication of local leadership and community collaboration, our Port has the infrastructure needed to sustain it. We are thrilled about this potential partnership with global green industry leader, European Energy, and are committed to bringing Project Nightshade, LLC’s sustainable jobs and renewable industry to our community.”

This is the sixth green energy project that is currently under option at the Port of Victoria, giving the potential for up to 745 acres of Port property to be utilized in green energy production. The Victoria County Navigation District is excited to embrace these emerging industries, and to see businesses showing interest in its new improvements and locational advantages.

For more information about the exciting developments at the Port of Victoria, please contact the Port today.